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There are times where you may need to upload multiple files to your server at once, or larger files that require a status and confirmation that they have uploaded. SFTP is the better option for managing your server files, although is is not as quick as the web-based file manager built-in to the Game Panel.

Using SFTP requires additional software to be installed on your computer (for Windows users), and we recommend using WinSCP.

Once you have the SFTP software installed, you can then login to the Game Panel, and select your server from the list.

Select your server from the list


Once the server panel opens, you can then select Settings from the top navigation bar.


On the Settings page, there is additional information for manual SFTP connections, however you can click the Launch SFTP button instead. This will only work if you have an SFTP client installed on your machine that accepts sftp:// addresses, like WinSCP.

You may receive a dialog like the one below, asking to open the SFTP application. You can click Open to allow the connection.


If you are using WinSCP, you will receive a dialog like the one below to enter your password. This is the same password you use to login to the Game Panel.


Once connected, you will see all of your server files on the right side of the window, and your local machine on the left. Simply drag-and-drop your files from the left side to right to upload. Or, you can right-click an item, and select Upload.


That's it! Once you are connected, it is simple to move large amounts of files, like your old Minecraft map from a server, or plugins. If you require any additional assistance, we are always here to help! Check out our Support Page, with many different options to suit everyone.

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